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I discussed with the Madam about the Visapur fort difficulty level. But, after insisting a lot, she told me these kids have done a few treks before. Also, she wanted my assistance for Visapur fort trek route and food arrangement. I nodded positively. After planning and plotting, Sunday was finalized for the trekking in Lonavala.

Visapur Fort Trek Information

  • Base village: Patan Village & Bhaje Village
  • Height: 3567 feet
  • Type – Hill Fort
  • Difficulty level – Easy to Medium
  • Camping or Stay – Not Allowed
  • Entry fee – zero
  • Timings – 7 AM to 6 PM
The Wanderer Yogi

The Wanderer Yogi

Trekking routes

There are three prominent trekking trails used by Trekkers. One is from Patan village and needs more endurance. Another one is from Bhaje village, the trail starts from Bhaje caves steps and joins the previous route just before the famous waterfall steps of Visapur trek. Both the routes are medium difficulty level. The third one is from Lohagadwadi ( A village between Visapur & Lohagad fort). This one is one hour trek and easiest route amongst the all.

Smile, Smile & Smile

Smile, Smile & Smile

Best time to Visit Visapur Fort

Undoubtedly, monsoon is the trekking season in Maharashtra and same applies to the Visapur Trek. Though trekking groups from Pune & Mumbai have scheduled throughout the year, winter is also preferred due to Lonavala region. Obviously, weekends are crowded. There are forest guards and entry timings are from 7 AM to 6 PM. Stay is not allowed on the fort.

Cutest moment of the trek

Cutest moment of the trek

How to reach Visapur Fort

By Air

Mumbai airport to Malavli station is 100 Km whereas Pune airport is 85 KM. Both are good options to land nearby.

By Train

From Mumbai, there are many Express Train available till Lonavala which is a major station near to the Fort. From Lonavala station, one can hire a taxi to reach the base village or catch Pune local train for Malavli.  Malavali which is the closest station, 2 KM each from Bhaje & Patan village and 4 Km from Lohagadwadi. There are many taxis available from Lonavala station to Malavli or Lohagadwadi. On can even opt for the short ride from Malavli to Lohagad base.

By Road

From Mumbai – Get on to the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Prefer second Lonavala exit. Drive till Karla turning point on the old expressway. Take a right turn and you will reach Malavali. Cross the Malavali Railway gate and bridge. Choose Patan or Bhaje route just after the bridge. For Lohagadwadi continue on Bhaje route.

From Pune – Enjoy your ride till Karla turning point on the old expressway. Take the left turn for Malavali and follow the above route for further guidance.

Food and Water availability

Food and Water are easily available at the base villages. In fact, there are many options. Many times, trekkers prefer the food at Lohagad wadi. Options available – Pithala Bhakar, Gavran Chicken thali, Veg thali etc. There is no single vendor allowed on fort top. You need to carry your food and water. There are water tanks but water is not potable.

Stay options

Lonavala is a hill station and a plethora of stay options available. I can suggest you some offbeat stays. There is a Viraj Farm exactly located between Visapur and Lohagad i.e. at Goumukh Khind. It provides room stay and camping as well. Pawna Lake Camping is also another great stay option just 10 KM from Visapur.

Please Note – Camping or any kind of stay on Visapur fort is not allowed.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lohagad Fort Trek ( Easy one – I did with my parents)
  • Pawna Lake Camping – Good for Family and friends outing
  • Tikona Fort Trek
  • Tung Fort Trek
  • Karla Caves
  • Bhaje Caves
  • Bhaje Waterfall i.e. Lohagad Waterfall
  • Bedse Caves

As it is in Lonavala region, you can read my Lonavala Travel Guide for perfect trip planning.

Visapur Trekking Squad

Visapur Trekking Squad

Visapur Fort Trek with Kids

Our trekking squad started bus journey from Vile Parle (Mumbai) early in the morning. I joined them at Kalamboli McD just before expressway. As soon as I entered the bus, kids yelled, “Welcommeeee Sirrrrrrr”. It was the most cutest & overwhelming welcome of my life. When I asked where were we going, everyone screamed, “Visapur Fort in Lonavala“.

Cuteness overloaded

Cuteness overloaded

Bus Journey

Kids were enjoying their outing day thoroughly. Travelling time was dedicated to different kinds of games which I was unaware of. That time I felt the generation gap. All kids in one uniform of Prabodhan Thackeray Vile Parle Sports Club – Mam had told me that each and every kid is active and have good skills in at least one sport or activity. Then I came to know why Mam was insisting to take kids on the trek. She was holding some position or she was senior faculty according to my assumption. But one thing was clear, she wanted all kids to groom in all way. They should know more compared to their age. They should know what trekking is actually as it’s again one kind of adventure sports. Salute to the Mam and those lucky Bachhas.


We reached Malavli base. Parked our bus. We had taken one house of a villager for washroom facility. Kids were telling me that these houses are so big and spacious compared to what they have in Mumbai.

Instructions at Bhaje Village

Instructions at Bhaje Village

Intro & Instructions

I had taken 3 local villagers for a safer side. Mam and 5 instructors were also there to keep kids safe. With the funny intro round followed instruction round. Everyone was equipped with water bottles and snacks tiffin in their tiny backpacks.

Bhaje Waterfall & Caves

We started our trek from Bhaje. Immediately, Bhaje Waterfall came on to our left side followed by Bhaje Caves steps. Kids were more excited to get into the water. Mam instructed to not go in the waterfall now and promised to visit while returning. Visapur fort and Lohagad were prominently visible and standing tall.

Visapur Fort Trek started

Initial tar road was a cakewalk for kids till Goumukh Khind i.e. till Viraj Farm hotel. Kids were obedient and followed the queue. Slowly, we gained height and everyone was happy to watch expressway from a bird’s eye view. We reached Viraj farm without any halt that was the kind of stamina kids had. I was shocked that the whole group took only 40 minutes to reach Viraj Farm.

First halt

Everyone freshened. We kept our extra luggage in the hotel room. Kids were carrying only water and tiffin so they continued with the same. One by one, Kids went for a washroom. After some time, we gathered on open ground and again the second round of instructions given to kids.

Muddy Visapur trek

Muddy Visapur trek

Due to the rainy season, trekking route was in the worst situation. There was no option left to walk into the mud that’s exactly what kids wanted. Slowly, troop crossed the jungle path and we reached the point from where actual ascend starts. This was the difficult patch for kids due to big rocks and boulders were on the route.

visapur fort images

Visapur fort images

Boulders – last ascend

Senior members were given instructions to take positions on every edge and difficult patches from a kids safety point. One by one started following me. Local guide and instructor were taking care of kids passing by at slippery rock patches. We met many people on our trek. Few were ascending with us while others were getting down. Everyone was shocked to see the young generation without mobiles and toys into the jungle. Slow walkers got inspired. Unknown Chacha Chachu kissed a few cuties. Young college crew helped a few kids holding one hand to cross big steps.

Visapur Fort Trek photos

Visapur Fort Trek photos

Green Carpet

The first kid reached the top plateau and screamed, “Mam, there is a big green carpet on the top as you told us.” Elder kids knew the natural greenery in the outdoors and just giggled. We took time to Cross this last boulder route just for safety reason.

Can you do that

Fort Fun

Everyone gathered on Visapur top plateau after exploring Hanuman temple, Water tanks and fortification walls. Mam asked everyone to relax but you know kids, they have their own games and fun tricks ongoing. Everyone played for a while and then Mam asked to show their skills to me and my team.


The Great Show

Few gymnasts showed some amazing skills and I was awestruck. I was sure these kids will represent India in the coming years. We clicked many pictures. I thanked them all and wished them the best luck for the future.

Getting Down

Last round of instruction, we left the Visapur Fort. Again slowly, we crossed boulders and slippery patches. Kids enjoyed the muddy path saying that they will wash themselves in the waterfall. The double fun plan was already planned by kids.

Lunch at Viraj Farm


We had one of the best and simple food at Viraj Farm. Thanks to the Viraj Farm for providing Mutter paneer with Puri. Everyone loved it.

Bhaje Lohagad Waterfall

Bhaje Lohagad Waterfall

Descending to Bhaje

With a full tummy, I thought kids will walk slowly. But after all, they are kids. Everyone walked non stop till the waterfall. This time Mam took the in charge and gave instructions for everyone. We seniors again took our positions to stop kids from doing any mischief at the Malavli Waterfall.

Return Journey

Obviously, it was a tiring day for the group. Everyone relaxed, few slept in window seats. But, some energetic kept playing making most of the day.

Not at all tired

Not at all tired

Finally, I thanked Mam to give me an opportunity to lead this Visapur trek for an impressive group of kids. I was really proud of them. At this age, they are already doing good studies along with the sports and now adventure too. In fact, they are masters in chosen sports. Happily, I returned home. Definitely, kids were the reason behind it. They bring a smile on your face. This Visapur Fort Trek with Kids was one of the memorable treks.


Written by Yogendra Patil
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