Vajrai Waterfall Kaas Maharashtra

The Vajrai waterfall located at Bhambavali village near Kaas Plateau of Satara. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in India and also called as Bhambavali waterfall due to close proximity to the Bhambavali village. Bhambavali is a hamlet purely in a scenic location with merely 20-25 homes. Beauty multiplies in monsoon season when waterfall flows in full swing making it all milky and mystic.

Vajrai Waterfall Information

  • Uniqueness – 2nd tallest waterfall of India.
  • Vajrai waterfall Height – 1840 ft
  • Type of waterfall – Three-stage Plunge waterfall
  • Origin – by Kaas Lake water
  • River – forms the Urmodi river
  • Region – Kaas Plateau
  • Forest entry fee – INR 30 per person (UPDATED)
  • GMAP Location –
Second Highest Waterfall of India

Vajrai waterfall – Second Highest Waterfall of India

Petrol Pumps & ATMs

Both available till Satara only. Between Satara and Bhambavali village don’t expect such services. Prepare yourself as per the remote jungle area of Bhambavali Waterfall.

Food and Stay facility

Basic food facility is now available as the village started transforming itself into a hot tourist destination. Five years back, no one in the village was aware that the the waterfall near to their village is one of the biggest gem of the India. In Last 2 years, Vajrai falls got the fame.

Most of the people, started home stay facility recently. As tourist started flowing in numbers, nowadays Camping is also provided in winter season. Otherwise, good stay options are available near Bamnoli, before Kaas Plateau and at Satara city.

Second Tallest Waterfall of India

Second Tallest Waterfall of India

How to reach?

By Air

Pune is the nearest airport and one can hire cabs to reach Bhambavali waterfall of Satara. Route to choose – Pune – Satara – Kaas – Tambi – Bhambavali

By Rail

Satara is the nearest station. Use the road options after reaching Satara.

By Road

Satara is the nearest city and Waterfall is located at 30 km from Satara. One can hire private autos and cabs but it will be a slightly costly affair. One can catch Alawadi bus and get down at Bhambavali village. Last few km, road was muddy but was in progress.


Vajrai Waterfall Trek

Guys, the journey doesn’t end here. You need to do some adventure i.e. to walk further 30 mins for an amazing full view of the 2nd highest waterfall of India.

Imp notes

  • Drinking, smoking and even Non-veg is strictly prohibited near the waterfall. Maybe this will be a strong message to party poppers.
  • There are leeches in the jungle area You may face while trekking. (Leeches are completely harmless and just used some salt to easily detach if stick to your skin)
  • Full sleeves and pants are preferable.
  • Visit early morning to avoid the crowd and get some amazing shots of the waterfall.
  • Don’t jump or swim into the pond/pool formed by the waterfall. It is risky in all-season says local guide.
  • Hire a guide at INR 300-500 for your safety.
  • Contact Sanjay Mane (+91 82752 69481) for food & Guide Services.

Best Season for Vajrai Waterfall Visit 

During monsoon, one can view the gigantic and thunderous form of Bhanbavali waterfall. Though water flows throughout the year, summer is least preferred. September and October are mostly crowded as people gather to explore Kaas Pathar which is just 5 km away from Vajrai.

My Solo trek experience

It was my solo trek to the second stage of the second tallest waterfall of India. If you are thinking of what actually the second stage means then let me tell you that there is a route to reach the middle tier of this three-stage waterfall. This route will take you the middle of the waterfall i.e. Second stage.

On a weekday, I started my journey by bus at midnight from Mumbai. I took the bus for Satara which dropped me before 5:30 AM.

As per the plan, I got down at Satara early in the morning. Quickly, I sipped a cup of tea (cutting chai) to kick-start amazing journey.

Morning Ride

As soon as I enquired for the first bus of Kaas plateau, there was an announcement of 6 AM bus to Kaas Pathar.

I got into it. It was less crowded.

Bus started. Roads were comparatively empty. Within no time, we reached a tunnel. The tunnel was on the outskirts of Satara city. A sharp right turn just before a tunnel leads to Kaas and straight through tunnel and then right to Sajjangad and Thoseghar Waterfall.

Slowly, the bus started making huge noise while ascending ghat. But, I was looking outside the window. Satara city was completely visible. It was time for Sunrise.

The sky was rapidly changing its colours. After some time, everyone closed the window as the colder wind started thumping on the face.

Surrounding weather was like any other typical hills station.

I got down at Kass Plateau.

Foggy road

Foggy road

Scary Morning

There was no one on the road. No one ahead and no one behind me. It was complete fog around me. Only a few old rusted fences on my both the side. There was no sign and not a single direction board.

As a trekker, we have a habit to start early and finish early. But, here at 6:30 in the morning at Kaas Plateau with no one around, I was scared. At the same time, I realized it was heaven on earth. It was mesmerizing weather of Kaas. Actually, I was breathing that fresh air and aroma of the jungle.

Heaven and all everything is Ok, but? At some point, I thought Kaas is so famous but now no one is around. Did I get down at the wrong place? To check the location on GMAP, as usual, AIRTEL network was not available.

For a while, I thought, I did a mistake by planning to visit Kaas Plateau before Vajrai falls on first come first basis.

I decided to march ahead instead of wasting time standing at the same place. Surprisingly, I saw Kaas board after walking for 5 minutes. At least, I got to know where I am on earth at this time.

Though the sun was rising, it was cloudy and mistier. I haven’t seen a single vehicle after getting down from MSRTC Red bus. Obviously, not single living entity.

Kaas Pathar Board

Kaas Pathar Board

Read more about Kaas Plateau Satara – A Complete Travel Guide

Mystic Morning Walk

Before coming here, I studied that Vajrai waterfall is just 5-7 km from this plateau, so started walking in that direction.

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Walking ahead, the surrounding was getting much clear and I was able to notice the actual plateau on both side but without blooming flowers.

Kaas Lake

Kaas was my second target being Vajrai Waterfall the first one. I kept walking and reached the beautiful Kaas Lake. Grabbed some morning scenes by the lake and some selfies as well.

Kaas Lake from Kaas Pathar

Kaas Lake from Kaas Pathar

There were few food stalls and I was lucky to found one opened and also ready to serve Misal. It was the only dish that was available in the morning. I enjoyed it to my fullest with such great scenery around.

Misal Pav for Breakfast

Misal Pav for Breakfast


While paying I heard the sound of the bike. Immediately, with my bags, I went to the other side of the road for hitchhiking.

He was a nice guy. I was on my journey, back to the target. He dropped me on Bhambavali turn just after Kasaidevi Temple. He went straight to the Bamnoli. My target was much closer now. I was happy but for some time. Again, a dead area with heavy fog on the road. This walk was scarier than the Kaas Plateau walk.

Another scary roadside scenes

Another scary roadside scenes

I kept walking and reached a village on my left side which was again empty. It was so dead that the village was just gone through the World War II. To inquire, I went inside. Luckily, I got few people near Wagjai Temple. There was a shortcut route from this village, much kind of a descending trek. I opted this. Sun was rising and started throwing scorching heat. It was sudden climate change.

Bhambavli Plateau

Bhambavli Plateau

If you are coming by state transport then get down at Alawadi village which was 10 minutes further drive from the Wagjai Temple. Hitchhiking guys can follow my route to save some time.

First Glimpse

First Glimpse

First Glimpse of Vajrai Waterfall

Watefall was clearly visible with the view of the first stage, not the full view. Bhambavali village was waiting for me on the front plateau. It was more scenic than my imagination.

Bhambavali Waterfall village

I met a few people from the village. They were claiming that this one is the highest waterfall of India. Few said that Maharashtra tourism board is not helping them as many of the people are just bulls. Recently, villagers came to know that this one is the real hidden gem and can earn them some money for their living. Since then they are trying hard to reach maximum people to make Bhambavali a tourist spot.

Everyone in village was in shock to see me alone in the morning. My spectacles brought the scholar guy look and helped me to get black tea at one house. That guy requested me to do something about it. I was in dilemma what to say. But, I promised him not to worry. I told him, “I am from tour industry, I will promote this place & the waterfall but this will take some time.” Also, asked them to keep your village clean, plastic free to attract tourist.

Trekking route & Photos

I asked for the route he explained me in detail. I was more excited to explore the tallest waterfall of India. There were two routes. One takes you to the bottom of the Vajrai waterfall and other one to the second stage of the waterfall.

Closer View

Closer pictures / image of Vajrai

Vajrai Waterfall Trek

The route was not much trodden as very few people explored it before. So we can say it is unexplored like the Madap Waterfall of Khalapur.

Till now, the target was in front of me. So there was no chance of getting somewhere else. I kept walking in the direction of the waterfall. After crossing paddy fields, I entered into the jungle. There were huge trees, so many roots and many small streams.

Within 15 minutes, I reached the waterfall. There was a cave type structure. The last patch was difficult and so I decided to keep camera and mobile inside my backpack.

Sound of a waterfall was loud and one can sense the force with it. I walked on the edges and got exactly behind the waterfall. I was at the second stage of Vajrai Waterfall.

Behind the waterfall

Behind the waterfall

Into the wild

There was a protruded portion of rocks just beside the water flow to get drenched in that fresh water. It was bit risky but I knew that for a regular trekker it was bit easier. I kept my bag aside near the cave and went onto enjoy chilled water. It was a complete bliss.


The day before, I was in the crowded city and at this time I was alone into the wild. It was a life when you get lost into the nature. Though there was roaring sound of the waterfall, mind was at peace. I spent some more time. For this extra time, I travelled from Mumbai to Satara, changed bus at Satara, Walked in scariest roads and at the end trekked through the woods to this point. And this was completely worth it.

My heart wanted to take some more fresh air but it was time for the return journey. It was time to put the same travelling efforts which needed to reach here. An effort required for the return journey was more of a question in front of me. I didn’t know how I will go back till Satara. How much struggle I had to do for hitchhiking?

Return Journey

Safely, I trekked back Bhambavali and promised villagers to promote the same. Upfrontly, villager offered me lift till Tambi village. Within minutes, he dropped a place where I can ask for a lift or wait for the MSRTC bus. Luckily, I got the MSRTC bus after half an hour.

After sipping a cup of tea, I took the bus for Mumbai. Return journey was a bit painful. Vajarai Waterfall took my heart. It was a real hidden gem of Satara. I am writing this Vajrai Waterfall blog for that villager and want to let you know that there is an unexplored second tallest waterfall of India. Do visit, share your experience and comment below. Bye Bye!!!

Written by Yogendra Patil
Just an Indian Travel Blogger. I left my corporate job & IT business to explore locations and adventure activities. Now, my job is to travel to unique destinations. Sometimes I lead adventure trips of Small Steps Adventures. You can join SSA trips or you can virtually experience those tours through my Blogs. I am always ready to hear from you. Drop me a comment. Share your experiences. You can be in touch with me on Instagram @thewandereryogi.