Travel Tales

After college days, I have started exploring extensively. First reason, done with the studies and second is Job pays you to travel on weekends. Later, Travel became my most expensive hobby.

Recently, I have started to jot down my experiences. You can read more about me on my About page. Till now, I was exploring adventure locations or luxury locations adventurously. Undoubtedly, Trekking and hiking across India takes the major chunk of my past travel experiences. Obviously, that’s the most favorite till the date. Secondly, bike rides and road trips by car across India. I have been to almost all parts of India, stayed with locals, enjoyed the festivals. No doubt, India is colorful country but these words got gravity in my dictionary after actually exploring it. Many people ask for suggestion about a place or tour etc. Most of the time, it really gets difficult to recollect the exact information about particular place, fort, city, hotels or best sightseeing options. So for that reason, I have started writing down my experiences and Travel Guides. The series of a complete travel guides helps you to plan your vacation in better manner. Nowadays, if my friends and family members ask me about any place that I have been to, then I just throw back a link of complete travel guide of that place.

Here is the list of my travel blogs