Prabalmachi Camping

It was Godrej team outing. These days, It is rarely we observe that corporate wants to experience hilltop Prabalmachi camping and Kalavantin Durg Trek.

Corporate team outing

Most of the time, corporate spend their allocated team outing budget on Resort or night dinner party. This time, Godrej team wanted to do something different. I decided to go with this team and lead for the group.


We started at Panvel in Tumtum. After 2018, tumtums are not available but Maruti vans can take you directly to the base of Kalavantin Durg.

Corporate Team Outing

Corporate Team Outing

Prabalmachi Camping & Night Trek

We reached Thakur wadi – the base village of Kalavantin Durg around 7 PM. By the time we reach, it was completely dark. Night trek started with the torch in everyone’s hand.

Prabalmachi Tents

Within an hour, our group reached Prabalmachi plateau. The Atmosphere on the plateau was refreshing. It was windy at times. After a small hike, we sat down to breathe and watch the night view of Navi Mumbai. We saw a Trekking group which is going further for Prabalgad Camping. We wished them best luck and team planned the same for the next team outing.

Pitching Tents

Manager asked every teammate to first learn how to pitch and then to pitch their own without any help from others. Quickly, everyone learned and applied their skills. Tents were aligned in a row.

Photo Shoto

Everyone clicked a series of pictures (photo Shoto) with the newly pitched colourful tents.

Dinner time

Delicious dinner was prepared by one of the villagers. He helped us to gather some wood for the campfire. The manager ordered the team to collect wood along with the villagers. Few of them got tired after picking up or two wooden bars.

Night Campfire at Prabalmachi

Night Campfire at Prabalmachi


It was so windy that question was how to light up the campfire. This task was assigned to one of the team members. One by one everyone tried their best to fire up. In the end, I took out a pocket-sized petrol bottle and poured on the bunch of wood. Immediately, campfire started roaring.

Games and Songs

Late night, enjoying the nature everyone played many games and sang songs to make the Prabalmachi camping night memorable. There were few other campers on the plateau who also joined us for the night. We made new friends.

It was getting darker. Lights were turning off. It was colder now. It was time to sleep. Everyone slept inside their tents.

Prabalmachi Camping

Prabalmachi Camping

Sunrise Kalavantin Durg Trek

Next day morning, we asked everyone to get ready for the morning trek. Everyone freshened up and just carried Water bottle. It was one-hour difficult trek compared to the previous night trek.

Kalavanting Durg Top

Kalavanting Durg Top

The Sunrise

By 7:30 AM, after climbing the vertical steps we reached on top of the Kalavantin Durg. We were able to notice the Chanderi fort, Peb, Matheran, Malanggad and Karnala fort.

Hot Kanda Pohe

We spent almost an hour on top. Everyone clicked many pictures and selfies. We descend down for breakfast. It took us more than an hour to come back to the plateau as descending was more difficult than climbing. Everyone was thirsty and hungry as well. Villager served us a hot breakfast. It was too good. Overall the food was yummy.

Before getting hot, we started to descend down Prabalmachi. Within 2 hours we reached the parking area where our cab was waiting. Due to traffic, it took us more than 45 minutes to reach Panvel station.

Overall, Prabalmachi camping experience was amazing. Corporate team outing was fruitful. Everyone was happy to spend the weekend in nature’s lap instead of partying in a pub or resort. Prabalmachi night camping and Kalavantin trek is good for beginners to enjoy entry-level adventure near Mumbai.

Written by Yogendra Patil
Just an Indian Travel Blogger. I left my corporate job & IT business to explore locations and adventure activities. Now, my job is to travel to unique destinations. Sometimes I lead adventure trips of Small Steps Adventures. You can join SSA trips or you can virtually experience those tours through my Blogs. I am always ready to hear from you. Drop me a comment. Share your experiences. You can be in touch with me on Instagram @thewandereryogi.