Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping was on my list from last year but I was waiting for the perfect time. Mostly, winter is considered as the  best season for camping. After Diwali, I went to this Pavana dam for camping along with my wife. Before that, I searched for vendors online. Surprisingly, there were many agents but I chose this itinerary cause it included boating and swimming with life jackets which was not available at any other campsite. I always choose quality over the cost. Because of this, we safely enjoyed at the lakeside camp.

Pawna Lake Camping Booking

Initially, I called up Ravi to book a tent for a couple. He was very polite and sounded trustworthy. He sent a few mind-boggling pictures on my WhatsApp to which I couldn’t resist and made the 50% advance payment. Here is the number if you are also interested. Ravi Pawar – 07738073691 else you can check out the Pawna Lake Camping Website.

Immediately, he shared the google pin location and asked me to follow it strictly. Also, I planned to go with the XUV as he mentioned that the last 3 km would be off-roading. This was the kind of adventure I was expecting. The typical luxury weekend getaway was not at all on my mind.

Drive till Pawna Camp

On Saturday noon, we left for Lonavla. Please check my Lonavala Travel guide for a sightseeing visit. I had been to this small hill station many times but never took the road to Pawna dam. After Kumar resort, we took Amby valley road. Took a halt at lions point, which is unnecessarily hyped tourist point in Lonavla city. The hill in the valley after which it became lions point, never seemed to be a lion-shaped from any angle.

Jungle Route

Till now, we drove and enjoyed the road. After that road became narrow with dark vegetation on both side. It was a real jungle. We saw the board of Morgiri fort. After some time, we took a left after poultry, and off-road started. Weather was amazing. Throughout the journey, we kept A/C off and enjoyed the fresh air.

Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala

As we got closer to the campsite, Pawna lake started showing its vastness. After a bumpy ride, we reached Pawna lake camping site. The manager welcomed us and asked us to relax. There were many other groups already reached the place to enjoy evening time of Pavana Lake Camping near Mumbai.


With no time, we freshened up and had Hi tea snacks. The dining area was away from the lake as the water level rises during monsoon. We carried our bags down to the lakeside campground. I was amazed by the beauty. It was like a mini seashore. Few trees at lakeside were adding coolness to the picturesque location. I was breathing the air, the real oxygen.

Pawna Lake Camping & Boating

Pawna Lake Camping & Boating

Tents were literally lake touch as said by Ravi. We went inside our alpine tent. Bed with blankets and pillow was provided which was very much neat and clean. Manager asked to go for boating before sunset as all water activities close down by 6 PM for safety purpose.

Pawna Boating

I chose kayak over the pedal boat. Kayaking was totally new to me. Alone I went inside the Pawna lake. It was so pleasant and calm at the centre of the lake that it made my evening smoother. No need to go to Paris to enjoy an evening, Pawna lake camping in the evening really offers lifetime memorable experience. By the time I reached back to the jetty, it was dark.

Kayaking in Pawna Dam

Kayaking in Pawna Dam

Well Illuminated campsite in Lonavla

Pawana camp owner lit up the whole campsite with different colours. It was superbly illuminated without disturbing the rustic ambience of the place. One will not be able to enjoy such a beautiful stay with nature. Further, we sat down on the provided mat in front of our tent. We spent quality time by the lake. Even another side of the lake was illuminated. We tried our best to capture the light reflection in our cam.

Pavana Dam night view Camping

Pavana Dam night view Camping

BBQ at Lakeside

We had brought our own raw material for BBQ. It was well-marinated chicken. We asked the manager for BBQ equipment and coal. He brought small and strong iron equipment along with 2 screws. It took some time for coal to burn but all the effort were worth it. Had sumptuous BBQ at night.

Dinner at Pawana Camp

My wife opted for a Veg and I chose Non-veg. The buffet was ready at the dining area by 9 PM. As expected was the taste of Non-Veg curry – rural and bit spicy. The veg dish was served with the Sweet dish which I asked for myself too without any shame. When I realized that I had more than my capacity, went for a village side night walk with wife. She was happy as I was spending time with her. Hardly any calls to disturb us due to fluctuating network. There was silence but crickets were making that typical sound of “kirrr kirrr“. May be telling us to go sleep now! It’s too late to walk around the village.


We went back to the lake touch campground. People were enjoying soft music on speaker and my wife has gone mad looking at the campfire which she dreamt of. We listened to Lucky Ali, Sonu Nigam and many more. Laketouch place is so serene that you are bound to forget your all worries. This is really refreshing weekend getaway location rather best camping near Mumbai.

Pawna Camp fire

Pawna Camp fire

Tent Stay of Pawna Lake Camping

Though we wanted to sit by the lake which is not at all possible with daily job routine in Mumbai. Lake, River and Sea always make nights amazing if you are with your best buddies. We slept cause we wanted to enjoy the morning. Yes, we did sleep with the alarm. At 6 in the morning, I woke up before my alarm. It was such an amazing stay in a tent that you won’t even feel any discomfort.

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping

The Sunrise of Pavna Lake

Pawna Sunrise Camp

Pawna Sunrise Camp

I must say, it’s a heaven for different migratory birds. I clicked a few landscapes. Slowly, Sun came from the back of the hills situated on the other side of the lake. I was thoroughly enjoying the scene and also clicked some great shots with my Gionee S6.

Swimming Pavana Dam

Early morning, put on the life jacket and went  swimming in the Pawana dam. Almost half an hour, I relaxed myself in the vast bathtub with the chilled water. Water was green and fresh with the various fishes. I was hungry after swimming and pedal boating. We packed our bags and went to dining area for breakfast. Suresh served hot Poha, bread butter Jam with tea.

To summarize, Pawna Lake Camping experience is really peaceful. I had to visit Pune on that day otherwise I could have extended my stay. Do share your experience. I hope this helps you to visit Pawna Lake.

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Written by Yogendra Patil
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