Fun at Palasdari Waterfall

The Palasdari waterfall near Karjat is located at quaint and charming Palasdari village.  Few call it Palasdhari waterfall or Palaasdari or Palasdhuree. The waterfall is the hidden gem in the surrounding hilly area of the village.

Palasdari Waterfall Information 

  • Waterfall Height – 40 feet
  • Swimming at waterfall – Yes possible and allowed (weekdays)
  • Major Attraction – Stone at the waterfall edge
  • Accessibility – easy
  • Good for a family? – Not on weekends (why – read my blog ahead)
  • Good for kids? – Not on weekends
  • Trekking/Walking time – from Start point 10 mins
  • Crowded? – on weekends
  • Palasdari waterfall banned? – Yes in 2018 by the forest department.
  • Timings – Open all time
  • Entry Fees – No (update till 2018)

How to reach Palasdari Waterfall near Karjat?

By Train or Rail

Palasdhri is easily accessible by local train. One can catch Khopoli down train on the central line. Alight at Palasdari station which is just after Karjat. From the station, it is 15-20 mins walk beside a vast Palasdari dam to the Palasdari village. From the village, it is 10 mins very easy Palasdari trek to the Waterfall.

Road to Palasdari Village

Road to Palasdari Village

How to reach Palasdhari Waterfall By Road

It is 8 Km from Karjat and 32 km from Panvel. Palasdari Waterfall route from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai =>  Mumbai – Panvel – left turn at chowk Phata – right turn before Karjat – Palasdari Village.

Palasdri Lake P.C. - Aditya More

Palasdri Dam – P.C. – Aditya More

Nearby attractions

  1. Shree Swami Samarth Math
  2. Songiri fort
  3. Palasdari Dam
  4. Palasdari Fort
  5. Many waterfalls near Karjat
  6. Palasdari Picnic Spot
Shree Swami Samarth Math - P.C. - Atul Sabnis

Shree Swami Samarth Math – P.C. – Atul Sabnis


Important Note: It is overcrowded on weekends and almost more than thousand people visit on Sundays of early monsoon. This is the information shared by local villagers.

Palasdari Waterfall Start point

There is a small shop on the road which serves a start point for the Palasdari Waterfall.

Our experience

We were more excited to visit the waterfall in the monsoon season. For me, Monsoon is the season of awesome trips in my dictionary. And this year, we planned our first trip to Palasdari Waterfall.

Bike Ride from Panvel

We started our bike ride from Panvel. It was awesome old Mumbai Pune highway. Marching ahead with cloudless sky early in the morning, we took left at Chowk Phata.

It was greenery on both the sides of the road. Irshalgad pinnacle and Matheran hills were in clouds.

Perfect place for photography

Perfect place for photography

Landscape photography

We turned right just before Karjat. It was a narrow road but was lonely.

With such an amazing background, we couldn’t control ourselves from clicking a few snaps.

Start point of Palasdari Waterfall

The start point of Palasdari Waterfall

Palasdari Trail start point

We parked our bike near this stall which was at right side and was a start point to the Palasdari waterfall trek and the only snacks station. On the left side, one can easily spot the Palasdari Dam.

I searched on the internet for Palasdari waterfall blogs, but I didn’t get much information. I asked villager about the time and all the other information. He said, it’s better you came on weekdays otherwise you won’t be able to stand here due to thousands of visitors on weekends.

Green trail

Green trail

The Trail

We started walking the trail and just beside the water stream which was originated from the Palasdari Waterfall itself.

The trail was too easy and best for photography.

Small Dam at Palasdhari Waterfall

Small Dam

Small Dam

While walking we came across the small dam wall built to preserve water coming from Palasdhari Waterfall. It was a sight to behold and enjoy the scenic beauty. Though it was small but live and enthralling.

Last patch of Palasdhari Waterfall

last rock patch

last rock patch of Palasdhari Waterfall

After we entered into the last rocky patch and were much disappointed by so much trash, beer bottles were thrown everywhere. This patch might be dangerous for kids and family. So imagine drunken people on weekends just to make your day tougher and worst. Best solution is to visit in weekdays.

Garbage thrown

Garbage thrown at Palasdhari Waterfall

Finally, The Palasdari Waterfall

We were in the assumption that waterfall will be visible from start point or while walking but it’s the real hidden gem of Sahyadri. In the end, it reveals it’s beauty.

Palasdari Waterfall near Karjat

Palasdari Waterfall near Karjat

Don’t expect the typical magnificent, mighty or tiered waterfall-like Dudhsagar falls. It was a small, gorgeous waterfall. There are a few rocks that you need to cross carefully.


We enjoyed the spine-chilling freshwater of the waterfall along with the cool and calm forest environment. We took many pictures. Though it was a weekday, few nomads can be seen in the pictures.

After some time, we backtracked the same route and went to Karjat for a good restaurant, as nearby Hotels/Dhabas were closed due to a weekday.


Overall, it was an amazing start to the monsoon season. Palasdari Waterfall near Karjat is the best destination for one day trip near Mumbai.


Written by Yogendra Patil
Just an Indian Travel Blogger. I left my corporate job & IT business to explore locations and adventure activities. Now, my job is to travel to unique destinations. Sometimes I lead adventure trips of Small Steps Adventures. You can join SSA trips or you can virtually experience those tours through my Blogs. I am always ready to hear from you. Drop me a comment. Share your experiences. You can be in touch with me on Instagram @thewandereryogi.