Entrance Gate & Nagarkhana

I was enjoying three days holiday in Alibaug. There are many awesome beaches in Alibaug and we chose Revdanda beach camping for overnight stay. While searching best places to visit in Alibaug Google, I saw a few Murud Janjira photos and then confirmed our next day plan of action. Next day, we planned Murud Janjira fort visit early morning to avoid the summer heat.

View of Janjira Killa

View of Janjira Killa

How to Reach Janjira Fort

Next day morning, we left for Janjira from Alibaug. Location was 35 km from Revdanda beach but Google map was showing 1.5 hours time to reach. That time, I realized roads are not in good conditions and we will be late for the visit. Still, I tried my level best to reach the fort on time.

Ferry Boat Ticket Timings

New Rajapuri Jetty

Ferry to Janjira Killa

We paid INR 20/- toll fee in Murud and INR 10/- toll fee in Rajapuri. Rajapuri is a small village where the jetty is built for ferry transfers. One has to get onto ferry boat to reach the sea fort. This time, there was new jetty built by Maritime board and ticket to Janjira was INR 60/- per person including pick up and drop but you get only one hour with the group to explore Janjira Killa.

Ferry ride to Janjira

The ferry ride to Janjira Killa

It was low tide and the boat took more than half an hour to reach the fort entrance. Boat service timings – First ferry at 8:30 AM and last ferry at 5 PM.  Murud Janjira fort timings – 7 AM to 7 PM. Ferry boat people also serve as a Guide to the fort.

Murud Janjira Photos

Murud Janjira Photos

It is said that the entrance of the fort is not visible until unless you reach very close to it. For enemies, it was very difficult to find the entry gate of Janjira Killa from long distance. This might be one of the reasons to keep Fort unconquered or unbeatable.

At the entrance gate of the Fort, the carving of six elephants captured by a tiger depicts the valor of Siddis.

Lions and Elephants

Lions and Elephants

Murud Janjita Fort Best time to Visit

Winter is the best season to visit the fort. As you need to stand for the queue without any shed. Also, the ferry boats are open and take around half an hour one way. Fort is big and you get one hour to explore as your boat has to return in that time. Running and exploring in the afternoon will exhaust you. Morning time is best to explore the fort.

Janjira Fort History:

The name Janjira is derived from “jazirah” – an Arabic word for an Island. Janjira was built on an island during the 17th Century. From 1617 to 1947, 330 years Fort remained unconquered. After that, it became part of India. The overall fort is now a ruin but the 19 rounded towers and turrets around the fort and are pretty much undamaged even after so many attacks from British, Dutch and Marathas. Siddis are the ones who ruled the region and prospered with the help of locals.

There are two main entrance gates, one is where the boat drops you facing Rajapuri and other faces the sea called “Darya Darwaja”. Apart from that, there is one postern gate to escape in case of emergency.

Lion on flag off Siddis

Lion on flag off Siddis

This was the sign of Lion which used to be on flag of Siddis. Indeed, it was the marvellous architecture that Malik Ambar built for Siddis. Restoration done by the Indian government can be seen easily.

Maintenance Work

Maintenance Work of Janjira Killa


Kalal Bangdi

Kalal Bangdi – Major attraction at Janjira Killa


Three types of forge-welded cannons were kept in line- Kalal Bangadi, Chavari and Landa Kasam. Kalal Bangadi got its name as it is made up of rings and also said that it used to have small rings for decoration which were making a sound of bangles. Bangadi in Marathi means bangles or a round ornament. Kalal Bangdi is India’s third-largest canon weighing 22 ton with the range of 12 km. Thus, kept the fort impregnable.



Gaimukh – another canon with the face of a cow. In Marathi, Cow means “Gai” and face means “mukh”.

In the past, Janjira Killa had 500 canons out of which 94 remained and marked by the archaeological department.

Numbered Canons

Numbered Canons at Janjira Killa


The eye-catchy single wall is easily seen from anywhere in the fort. This was used to be a 5 storied royal palace of Siddis.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace – Murud Janjira Images

During the heyday, Janjira was fully functional with places like Royal Palace, Mosque, 2 large ponds and two wells inside the fort. A deep well still provides fresh water to drink.

Sweet water Shahi Talab

Sweet water Shahi Talab

During exploration hours, I found this surviving design and I called it – “The last frame of Murud Janjira Fort”. Most of the Murud Janjira images on the internet will be with the crowd. Most of the time it is highly crowded. Thus it is recommended to visit in weekdays to click Janjira pictures without crowd.

The last frame

The last frame

The highest point of the fort is Bale Killa, where Indian flag is hoisted recently. There is a total of 125 steps to reach Bale Killa.

Steps to the Bale Killa

Steps to the Bale Killa

These local servants serve sweet water of a well to all visitors of the Murud Janjira fort at free of cost.

Drinking Sweet Water inside Sea Fortq

Drinking Sweet Water inside Sea Fort


As many people used to stay on the fort, even Masjid was built inside fort. It was Jama Masjid.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid at Janjira Killa

After exploring so much, I was drained out of energy. It was our time to return as our sailboat was in line to pick us.

Murud Janjira Pics

Sailing boat ride to Janjira Killa

Overall, it was a great experience to explore Murud Janjira fort. It is advisable to visit early morning by staying nearby hotels in Murud beach. It will be crowded on weekends. If you searched for Murud Janjira hotels or Murud Janjira beach hotels, you will get good options for stay. During my coastal Goa Bike ride, I skipped this one as it was time-consuming but now I realized it was worth to explore. Also, one can plan for a two-three day trip as there are many places to visit nearby vicinity.

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