Marathi School in Karachi, Pakistan

Do you know that there is a Marathi school in Karachi, Pakistan? Yes, Pakistan Marathi School. It was really shocking for me for the first time when I read about the same. Being Maharashtrian and true Indian, this fact was unacceptable for me. Obviously, who will think that in Muslim dominated country like Pakistan can have Marathi school in Karachi.

This is the mind baffling thing to know all Maharashtrians that the school exists even today in Karachi. Local Marathi community is so active that they celebrate Ganesh festival with full enthusiasm.

Marathi School in Karachi, Pakistan

Marathi School in Karachi, Pakistan, Credit – Wikipedia

Marathi school in Karachi

Can you believe this Pakistan Marathi School exist? Or Marathi in Pakistan and Marathi in Karachi? Yes, it does exist. Even today, it is the real functional school in Karachi with name Narayan Jagannath Vaidya High School. This was the first government school established in October 1855 with 68 boys. During that time, Karachi was under the Bombay Presidency. Before partition, most of the Maharashtrian, Gujarati, and Sindhis used to migrate to Karachi for employment or Business purpose. During the partition period, most of the people returned back to the native place and few stayed back. There is around 13% Non-Urdu speaking population, to which Maharashtrian people are part of. Also, there are Marathi speaking Muslims as well. Before partition, most of the Konkani people used to travel through waterways till Bombay from Karachi.

New Building - Marathi School in Karachi, Pakistan

New Building – Marathi School in Karachi, Pakistan, Credit – Google Maps

This is really proud feeling for Maharashtrian when you know that your language is known and spread across many countries in the world. There are Crores of Marathi speaking in the world. Keep the spirit high and let the spread Marathi in each and every corner of the world. There are many Marathi in Karachi and thus overall many Marathi in Pakistan.

Marathi language day

27th February is Marathi language day and celebrated every year across Maharashtra state and by every Maharashtrian across the world. It is celebrated on Birthday of Great Marathi Poet Vi. Va. Shirwadkar. The essay competition, conference, and seminars are arranged by schools and government offices. Here, I am writing this article as a token of love for Marathi but written in English to know other Marathi people:)


Here is the Wikipedia proof of Marathi School in Karachi


Here is the google map Location Proof of Marathi School in Karachi


After all, it is Pakistan and it is our enemy nation. Now, I hate these terrorism-supporting countries more than I used to after the Pulwama attack. I salute all the brave Indian Soldiers who died in the attack. Jai Hind Jay Maharashtra.


P.S. I am writing this article for the love of Marathi for “Marathi Language Day“. However, this article is written just to bring the fact in front of the Marathi people and History lovers.



’आमची’ कराची आणि तेथील ’नारायण जगन्नाथ हायस्कूल’ आणि ’गणेशोत्सव’


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