Madap Waterfall Khalapur

This time we desperately wanted to explore new location. Through one my friends of friends I got to know that there is less explored or untouched waterfall near Khalapur, Khopoli. It was Madap Waterfall of Khopoli region. Locals used to pronounce as “Maadaap waterfalls”. I searched on internet for any info but there was no single blog on the same. At the same time, I was happy to know that Google also doesn’t know means it is indeed less explored and has to be untouched.

Madap Waterfall Planning

We decided the date and planned to visit on weekend as it was not known to many people. It is very difficult to collect info offline when Google fails to provide any info about the same. Somehow we got the contact number of nearby villager. On call, we fired questions one by one and he answered them slowly.

We got enough information about Madap Waterfall. To our surprise, there were two waterfalls named as Madap Waterfall 1 and Madap Waterfall 2. Second waterfall is in altogether different direction and needs one hour of trekking time to reach. During July – August, Madap Waterfall Rappelling events are organised by few trekking groups. As we explored the first one, mostly we will be sharing the details of the same.

Madap Waterfalls

Madap Waterfalls Khopoli

Basic Info – Khopoli Waterfall

  • Madap Waterfall GMAP Location
  • Address – Savroli – Kharpada Rd, Madap, Maharashtra
  • Base Village – Madap
  • Nearby Landmark – Khalapur Toll Naka of Mumbai – Pune express highway (10 mins driving distance)
  • Height – 125 feet
  • Swimming at waterfall– Yes possible and allowed
  • Good for a family? – Yes but visit in group
  • Trekking/Walking time – from Start point 15-20 mins
  • Timings – Open all time
  • Entry Fees – No (updated till 2018)
Slippery Patches

Slippery Patches


How to reach Madap Waterfall?

  • By Road

From Mumbai & Pune, reach Khalapur toll and take exit and follow given GMAP location. Base village is 15 mins away from the Toll

  • By Train

Khopoli is the nearest station. Hire share auto or Tumtum from Khopoli station to Madap village. Most of the locals of Khopoli also don’t know about Madap Waterfall. You only have to guide them.

Our Experience

Early morning we started by car. We chose the old Mumbai Pune highway till Chowk village. It was raining heavily. As we took the turn near Chowk, road narrowed and Greenery doubled. It was perfect morning for us.

We had some quick breakfast on the outskirts of Chowk around 8 AM. As the location was unknown so it is always better to start early and finish early. I usually follow these rules while exploring new location, terrain or any place. With the same intention, we reached the base village without taking any halts at many on the way lucrative photography spots.


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Madap Waterfall Trek

We reached base early, there was hardly anyone around. We followed the GMAP location. There was a dead end. But, at the end, there was some township construction work in progress. We headed to the entrance and luckily got to meet a watchman. Lowly, we asked for parking and the waterfall direction.

We parked the car and we were able to hear roaring sound of the water stream. We guessed, it must be originating from Madap Waterfall itself.


Walk by the paddy fields

Walk by the paddy fields

Mud & paddy fields

As per the guidance, we marched into the paddy fields. Within first five minutes we layered the mud till our knees. I knew, unexplored places will not have trodden paths. But muddy route was making our condition worst.

Drizzle stopped

Drizzling stopped & Sun came out quickly. God was in our favor at that point in time. The Picture, I mean, the view in front of us, was getting clear. The Tall hill with the thick layer of green, was on our right side which was half covered by black clouds. Due to clouds and fog, we were not able to guess the height of it. No doubt, it was dark forest out there on the hill. Our eyes were in constant search of a waterfall view and ears were sharp open to listen the spluttering sound of the waterfall.

First clue of the Puzzle

There was nothing positive while walking in the directed muddy, slippery path. At the end of a field, there was midsize trodden path which added some confidence in our heart. After few minutes of nature walk, we reached a small bridge built on a stream. We got the first clue of our puzzle.


Stream to Follow

Stream to Follow

Simple Walk beside the stream

There was a single hut of a farmer whose farm fields we crossed. He helped us to confirm that we were on the right path. We moved ahead into the jungle. It was most pleasant walk of that season. View was indeed mesmerizing. We crossed the stream first time. It was bone chilling fresh water. It was slippery and risky at one place, so I kept my mobile inside the bag.

Crossing Water Stream

Crossing Water Stream

Finally, Madap Waterfall

After crossing few hurdles, we reached. We glanced at it. We shocked to discover such a massive waterfall. There was no one apart from our group. It was great feeling of explore another hidden gem of Sahyadri, a great waterfall near Mumbai. It was big, water was coming down with the full force.

Mighty Waterfall

Mighty Waterfall Images

One by one entered into the water with the chain system to check the depth. It was safe for all and most important is you can get more close to the waterfall and enjoy the chilling water.

The Wanderer Yogi

The Wanderer Yogi

We spent some time and enjoyed to the fullest. It was less explored waterfall unlike Palasdhari Waterfall near Karjat. There was no sign of trash, any beer bottles or any other type of garbage.

This was a more satisfying feeling. I request my readers to keep the place clean if you are planning to visit in future. Follow – LNT – Leave No Trace policy while wandering in nature.

We came back with the same route. We didn’t explore the second waterfall as this one fulfil our dream and it was far from the base as well. Instead, we planned to explore the Madap hills and off-roading nearby area.

Madap Hills

Madap Hills


Car Off Roading

Car Off-Roading

After exploring, we return to Mumbai by Expressway. If you liked my less explored Madap Waterfall blog, do comment and share.

IMP Note (Madap Waterfall) – I heard there is a board at base village saying that entry to the waterfall is banned. In 2018, most of the forest officers banned all the waterfalls of Karjat & Khopoli region to avoid any mishap.

Written by Yogendra Patil
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