Last Entrance of Lohgad

We decided to go for Lohagad Fort trek on a weekday just to avoid the crowd and enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest. On Tuesday morning after breakfast, we left from Navi Mumbai. Weather was awesome for Lohagad Fort trekking. Last 3 days, continuous rain in Mumbai was forcing me to go for trekking in Lonavala and suddenly plan made to hike with the parents.

Easy Treks near Mumbai

Easy Treks near Mumbai

Lohagad Fort Trek Picnic Plan

I used to trek a lot. As a result, my parents always used to ask me what is there at the top that you go every weekend for trekking around Mumbai. My mom used to say, you can use our building staircase daily instead of going for a hike. So, to answer all these questions that they had at their back of mind, I chose a Lohagad fort trek as it is one of the easy treks near Mumbai. Also, Lohagad fort offers commanding views but not during monsoon due to fog and cloudy weather. But again, one can enjoy chilling weather with hot Wada-Paav. This was the random plan that I shared with my parents.

Lohagad Fort Trek with Parents

Hiking with the parents was a totally new experience for me. I have been leading a group of young crowd to date. My parents and uncle aunt was my responsibility. I asked my seniors for any tip or suggestions but they said just do it as Lohagad Fort trek is not only easy trek near Mumbai but it has grown as a more kind of a Picnic spot in Lonavala. I have seen a crowd in thousands on Lohagad fort during weekends of the rainy season.

Do check out my “Lohagad – A Complete Travel Guide” for how to reach, Lohagad fort food options, best season to visit Lohagad fort and many more.

Drive till Lonavala

Drive till Lonavala

Entering heaven

Easily, we drove to Lonavala by expressway. Without wasting much time in Lonavala city, we reach base village i.e. Lohagadwadi. We parked the vehicle and stepped out into heaven. I have been to Lohagad fort many times but that’s again on weekends. This time, it was real peace. Hardly a few visitors on weekdays. That’s how the picnic spots near Mumbai looks on weekdays. The road was completely covered with the fog, not people. Trees were hiding behind the clouds. This was not expected but it was really refreshing. Moreover, the pleasant weather was making me happier. As awesome weather makes awesome trekking memories. We 5 of us were totally excited to explore Lohagad fort.

Light Food for energy before hike

Misal Paav

Misal Paav

There was a hotel Sai near the entrance, we took hot tea and Misal-Paav. Everyone enjoyed it in cloudy-windy weather of Lonavala. We changed our clothes. Put mobiles into the plastic cover. I gave a few instructions to them and asked them to follow me. I told them that there is no washroom on the way or at the top. They accepted the fact and made faces like that they knew it.

Lohagad Fort Trek begins

Lohagad Steps

Lohagad Steps

It was drizzling when we started our hike. With the few steps, mom and aunt started discussing the history and how strong were the Mavlas of Shivaji. Lohagad fort is well maintained compared to other forts. The government has started taking care of historical forts and monuments. Steps were in very much good condition. We took a few snaps as we started climbing. After few minutes, we reached to a place from where Pawna Lake was slightly visible. It was getting dark and more cloudy. Water was flowing through steps. We kept climbing slowly.

Amazing climate at Lohagad Fort

Foggy day - Lohagad Picnic

Foggy day – Lohagad Picnic

Parents were happy with the chilled weather. They were enjoying it. We saw ridges, four big entrance doors, cannons, beautiful bastions. The whole architecture was amazing. Even there was a food storage house carved into the rock, was looking like a small cave.

We took many pictures on the way. Finally, we reached to the top plateau of Lohagad fort. To my surprise, nothing was visible. In addition to it, the wind was flowing with lightning speed hitting us horizontally. Dad said that it’s natural acupressure. We took shelter beside a wall, after crossing last main door. We ate some snacks that we have brought. No one was thirsty due to the rainy season. Because of this, the monsoon treks are more famous.

Strong Bastion & Steps of Lohgad

Strong Bastion & Steps of Lohgad

Lohagad Fort Exploration

Tomb in background

Tomb in background

We went on to explore the Lohagd fort. There was a beautiful tomb still in better condition. I was not able to get more information about the same. There were few cannon beside the Tomb. To the right, the path goes to the edge from where you can see Lohagadwadi and Visapur.

Mahadeo temple

Next, we saw the Mahadeo temple. The wind was in full swing. Please check the short video that I captured by standing against the wall of a temple. Force was so strong that one will not be able to stand in the open area of the plateau. Somehow, my parents wanted to enjoy the wind flow so we went ahead to Tung and Pawna lake side of the fort.

Vinchu Kata

Luckily, the rain stopped for a while and we got few glimpses of surrounding greenery which was truly a feast to the eyes. Furthermore, there were many water tanks on the plateau of Lohagad fort. We went ahead to explore the most interesting part of the Lohagad fort i.e. Vinchu Kata (scorpion tail like structure). Indeed, it was a scorpion tail like a structure which was visible once we reach to another end of a plateau. Apart from that, the surrounding views were amazing too.

Back to the Base – Descending Lohagad fort

Lohagad Fort Steps in Monsoon

Lohagad Fort Steps in Monsoon

There were railings beside a few slippery patches if you want to explore the Vinchu-Kata. This was the only difficult patch that I found difficult during Lohagad fort trek. We were satisfied with the view and didn’t take any risk on slippery patches. We returned back to the gates. It was still windy and drizzling. We took many pictures on our way back to Base i.e Lohagadwadi.

Tasty Food of Lohagad fort

Surprisingly, whatever we wanted to eat was available at Sai hotel. Everyone wanted to eat of their choices after Lohagad fort trek exploration. Because, after a trek, soul must be satisfied with the food. I ordered chicken and parents ordered Zunka-Bhakar. It was yummy and delicious. Still, mom & aunt were discussing the Shivaji history and few facts they knew about the Lohagad fort.

Bhaje Waterfall near Lohagad fort

Landscape View

Landscape View behind Lohagad Fort

Photography Session

We decided to take the road from Malavali (another steep route to reach Lohagad fort) so that we can enjoy few more locations on our way back to Mumbai. While descending small ghat, we took a halt. I couldn’t resist my self from taking pictures at such a scenic location. We were really happy that we chose weekday otherwise it gets really crowded on weekends.

Lohagad Waterfall

After the photography session, everyone settled back into the car and was not aware of the main beauty lying ahead. Everyone was so happy & satisfied but happiness doubled when they saw the beautiful Lohagad waterfall. Importantly, it was adjacent to the road. After trekking, parents were tired, still went ahead to click snap at the waterfall.

Bhaje Waterfall

Lohagad Waterfall near Bhaje Caves

Bbye Lohagad fort

It was evening time. Everyone was exhausted so we skipped Bhaje caves. We started our journey back to the city. Parents were happy and so was I. Everyone was looking at the pics that I captured for them during the whole day. By night, we reached home safely.

Overall, my parents enjoyed the place, weather, and food. I will suggest visiting on weekdays, if possible for you or you are planning a family trip or picnic to Lohagad fort. Do read my Lohagad Fort – Travel Guide before visiting. I have covered all the points in detail.

Thanks for reading patiently. Don’t forget to comment, share your views. I will be more happy to read your feedback, your experience of Lohagad fort visit.

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