Paro Monastery Trek

Have you ever seen a couple going for a hike during honeymoon i.e. just after the marriage? Mostly, people replied with big No. But I had planned to do so even before our marriage. Yeah, it was my plan and not her. While discussing on call before marriage, I got to know that she never went for any trek. On the other side, I was dreaming about the Paro Taktsang Monastery Trek in Bhutan.

It was an arranged marriage. I wanted to win her heart before we start our life together. Wanted to gain her confidence and make a real team player. Not just a typical Indian housewife. I was planning a trek because it helps you to get to know your buddy in a much better manner.

Taktsang Monastery

Taktsang Monastery

Bhutan Tour

Bhutan tour of 6 days was planned for our honeymoon. We were most excited about the tour. My list of places to visit in Bhutan was big and ready. Stay was planned accordingly. After entering Bhutan, all I was thinking of Tiger’s Nest Monastery Trek – my honeymoon trek.

The day came and our journey started. Honeymoon is more special in case of arrange-marriages and thus for us too. We started knowing each other. She used to share her past stories and I used to listen to all of them. We used to fight on silly things. Sometimes, I used to go silent on protest to make things work in my way and vice versa. But, in her case, I had to convince more.

Undoubtedly, the scenic beauty of Bhutan was a cherry on the cake. We used to take a halt and capture the best moment. We explored Thimphu and then headed to Paro.

I told her to enjoy this time as we never know where our life will head, what pressure we will be going, children and their education and their marriages……. Etc. Then she stopped me and said, “Yes, I was about to convey the same.”

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Paro Taktsang Monastery Trek

On 4th day of Bhutan tour, we went to Paro Taktsang Monastery hike in Bhutan.

We rented two wooden trekking sticks from local vendors. The route was prominent, there was no fear of getting lost.


Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

She was scared but didn’t utter a single word because I insisted to visit Tiger’s Nest – the world heritage site of Bhutan. The monastery was built on a 90-degree mountain wall. That was a special attraction. I explained to her why it was also called as Tiger’s Nest.  There is a statue of a tiger inside this Buddhist temple. It is said that the tigress chose this destination and brought the founder of Buddhist guru Padamasambhav on her back.

Hiking in Bhutan

I told her to just walk with me. I asked her to imagine that we are taking a long walk today. Also, I want to listen to your stories, your friends and school life. Suddenly, she started with one. How her friends went to a jungle trek and lost the route and blah blah.

It took 15 minutes for our first halt. Many Bhutanese families were trekking without shoes as they respect their gods and come to visit regularly.

Paro Taktsang Monastery Trek

Paro Taktsang Monastery Trek

I took her bag just to reduce the burden. She smiled back. After 10 minutes break, we started walking slowly. It was not that steep route. After a while, we gained some marginal height. She started posing every two minutes and I used to click a minimum of 10 shots at one place. You need to do such things to impress even you don’t want to. 😁😁😁

Pine Forest Route

Tiger’s nest route was through dense pine forest and sometimes through edges. There were few patches which were a bit difficult for her to climb. Corners were muddy and damn slippery. I used to pull her with my firm hand. With 2-3 iterations, she asked me to never leave her hand in any situation. She was talking about our future.

She was scared about the divorces that she listened from every neighbour, relatives and friends. Humbly, requested me to forgive her despite any mistakes. Initially, I was laughing at her but then I came to know that she was serious about these things. I promised her to support and care, nurture our relationship.

Free Bird

We kept talking on the relationship and responsibilities of husband & wife. She had completed an MBA in Finance in May 2017. We got married just after 15 days of her master’s exam. Directly and indirectly, her stories involved every girl in her college group works somewhere. She also wanted to do a job. She was trying to convince me on the point where I was not at all opposing her. I told her to be stressfree. Also said, “You are a free bird, plan your life as what you want not as what I want you to be”. She was happy to hear that.

She was ambitious. I supported her decision of doing a job. Definitely, she was the lady of the new generation but the same time she was that typical old-style arrange-marriage girl to ask me before doing anything. I fall in love with her again.

Due to arranged marriage, we hardly got any time before our wedding to discuss such things in detail. I asked her about family planning and then we mutually derived to a conclusion of only one kid and that too after 2 years of togetherness.

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Paro Valley View Point

Paro Valley View Point

Taktsang Monastery photo point

There was a stone at the edge from where we were able to notice our start point and huge green valley and magical View of Taktsang Monastery. She just loved the natural beauty and asked me to spend some time here. I took out some energy bars and got relaxed for a while. It was peaceful.

This trek of my life was much different. It was energetic, enthusiastic and more importantly life-shaping one.

We talked on various interesting topics one by one. She was completely into it. I was just observing her innocence.

We reached the final leg of our Paro Taktsang trek. She was so happy to know that she did her short Himalayan trek easily.

Taktsang Monastery Waterfall

Taktsang Monastery Waterfall

Trekking lessons

Before reaching the Paro monastery, got to see a beautiful waterfall. She said, “Life is like a trek with so many ups and downs but easier with the help of life partner. The waterfall is the enroute hidden treasure that god kept for everyone.”

I was happy to know that she enjoyed her first and special honeymoon trek to Paro Taktsang Monastery. Her smiley face brought satisfaction and sense of achievement. Simply, concluded that I didn’t ruin the honeymoon. My plan was successful. My experiment was fruitful. Have you done something experimental or different during your honeymoon? Do share and try this experiment if you are an adventure person. Let me know your learnings and feedback.

Written by Yogendra Patil
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