Difficult Patch

Gorakhgad fort trek is the best weekend getaway for Mumbaikars but the best season for trekking near Mumbai is a monsoon. But for the true traveller, there is no perfect season. One cannot wait for the perfect timing so, was the case with Ravi.

If you have read my other blogs, you must be aware of Mr. Ravi. He is the one with whom I trekked most of the parts of the Sahyadri. We had been to many long bike rides, road trips, tours and whatnot. Recently, I have written Ahupe Ghat trek blog where Mr Dude flashes in most of the pictures. At night, we decided to go for one day trek near Mumbai and then finalised the mighty Gorakhgad fort for exploration.

Bike Ride to Gorakhgad Trek

We started our bike ride early in the morning from Navi Mumbai. After a long bike ride, we reached Dehri – the base village of Gorakhgad fort. We had breakfast at Hamid’s home. Immediately, we started our ascend as we were a bit late.

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Gorakhgad Fort Trek route

The trail starts at the Gorakshnath Temple. With twist and turns, keeping the Gorakhgad fort on our left. Initially, there was a bit of confusion while choosing the right trail. As per the years of experience, we chose the broad and prominent trail with signs of chocolate and biscuits wrapper.

We started gaining height as we cross the dense forest. Keep the fort on the left side was the thumb rule, shared by the Hamid Bhai.

We were confident about the route but there was no one around us or on the trail. It was weekday of Feb end when summer actually starts. So, all these things kept us confused but we kept walking.

Valley view

After gaining some height, a small plateau came and immediately a narrow path with the deep valley on the right side. We sat on the edge to enjoy the wind. Till now, there was no sign of any water source and we were running out of drinking water. During this 10-minute break, we drank a lot of water and left with hardly one bottle. We prayed for water on the way and started looking for it desperately.

Mahadeo temple

After enjoying the valley view, we started walking again in the scorching heat. Within a few minutes, we reached the old temple and informative signboards.

Rock Patch & Carved Steps

Gorakhgad Trek – Rock Carved Steps

Rock patch

Now the actual climbing started. Steepness making it slightly difficult. This is not for the first-timers and advisable either for experts or with the support of ropes and equipment. We crossed the steps carved into rocks. Apart from this patch, gorakhgad fort trek difficulty level is moderate.

Gorakhgad Fort Entry Gate

Gorakhgad Fort Entry Gate

Heavenly door

We were able to see an orange colour door frame while climbing. We entered through the door. After some steps, came the famous cave of Gorakhgad fort with few steps to enter. Cave also have supporting pillars and can house around 30 people at a time.


Gorakhgad Fort Cave

Potable water at caves

There were few water tanks in front of the cave. One tank was marked for dedicated potable water and had a bucket to pull out with the rope. This was the relief as we ran out of carried water. We doused our bottle with the tank water.

Tough time with monkeys

As soon as we opened our tiffin, monkeys suddenly popped up. We were very hungry after trekking in the harsh sun. Still, we mutually decided to give one Indian bread roll to the troop of 10-20. As we were discussing it was not sufficient, few monkeys attacked on us took away our fruits. I had never seen monkeys in attacking mode. We took one large wooden column in our hand for defence which increased the distance between us automatically. Somehow, we took the bread in our hands and finished keeping the wooden weapon in the other hand. We packed our bags and then the troop gradually went back into the valley.



Macchindragad Fort

Sitting on the edges, we watched the twin fort Macchindragad. Traditionally, Macchindranath and Gorakshnath are the names of Guru-Shishya (Teacher-student) given to the duo. We came across a statue of both carved in the cave which was recently painted with orange by local villagers. Siddhgad was clearly visible from the cave. One can walk around the pinnacle 360 degrees starting from the cave.

Stairs to heaven

Before completing the circuit, there were rock-cut steps to access the top of Gorakhgad fort. It is a bit difficult and must be scary during the monsoon. It was an amazing 360 view from the top and must be used as a natural watchtower. There was a small temple of Lord Shiva. After praying for the safe return, we descended the pinnacle. Coming down from the stairs was more dangerous than climbing it.

Descending Gorakhgad fort

Without any halt, we reached the base village and thus completed the Gorakhgad fort trek successfully.  Suddenly, a cat started following us. We were tired and took a short break at Gorakshnath temple. She was hungry and we offered the last pack of Parle-G which she liked it. She followed us till Hamid’s place with the expectations of more biscuits.

Gorakhgad fort trek Summary

We discussed with Hamid about our experience. He was happy for us and told us that he is going to make some kind of development for tourists and trekkers. He also said about the route marking in the forest area. We also suggested a few things and left the base village i.e. Dehri. We discussed the experience once again on the bike.

Written by Yogendra Patil
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