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Dudhsagar Waterfall is located on Goa-Karnataka border and it’s a part of Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. Yes, it’s a hidden gem of Goa apart from the beaches.Mountain range of Western Ghats is famous for waterfalls and Dudhsagar waterfall is one of them. It recently became more famous among the trekkers and Travellers.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

Thanks to the Chennai Express movie and Rohit Shetty more precisely. After which everyone started searching for the Dudhsagar Trek and there are hardly any solutions available on Google, so I thought of writing about it in detail as a complete guide on Dudhsagar Waterfall visit.

Best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls

Monsoon is the best time to visit waterfall but risk to reach falls doubles, so it is always advisable to visit the falls in winter and summer seasons.

Dudhsagar Tunnel Trek Route

Dudhsagar Trek Tunnel Route

So I have listed down the queries that I got from my traveler friends and travel bloggers.

Dudhsagar falls How to Reach:

  • Dudhsagar waterfall trek with reputed [block]0[/block].

Dudhsagar Waterfall Entrance

Dudhsagar Waterfall Entrance

I will recommend visiting this waterfall with the reputed organization instead of going on your own. Mostly Mumbai-Pune & Banglore crowd have started visiting the place as it has become popular recently. There are few good organizers that organize Dudhsagar trek from Mumbai & Pune. My recommendations – Explorers group from Pune, SMALL STEPS ADVENTURES from Mumbai and Nature Walkers from Bangalore.

  • Local guide of Kulem (Mostly if you are planning for Weekdays)

Kulem is a hamlet in the outskirts of Goa, situated next to the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. There are many local guides available. But, I will prefer any trekking group compared to local guides just because of the expertise. But, how you will reach Kulem? There are many ways to reach Kulem. By road, its 60 km from Panaji. Else, one can catch the train from Pune to Madgaon (Goa Express) and get down at Kulem. From Kulem, you can choose any one of the following options or Dudhsagar trek package:-

1. By bike –

A Local guide will take you on their bike along with the life jackets. Riding through the forest you reach to the base of a waterfall. This is a good option if you are alone and want to save both time and money. However, this service is not available during monsoon season, as bikes cannot cross the water streams. One side, it takes approximately half an hour.

2. By Jeep –

Yes, one local guide-cum-driver will accompany your group. Jungle Jeep safari will be bit comfortable but costlier than the bike ride. Highly recommended for a group and senior enthusiasts. It will also take around half an hour one side. Again this service is also not available during monsoon season, as vehicles even cannot cross the water streams of the forest. There is a ticket counter at Kulem for booking your Safari which is open till 2 P.M.

3. By walk/trek ( Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek)–
Dudhsagar Trek

Dudhsagar Trek Package

Best option during monsoon (but avoid during heavy rain). This is the best way to enjoy the nature. One can hire a guide from Kulem, who will take you to Sonalium by railway track route of 6-7 km, which is short and safe during monsoon. You can take food break at Sonalium. From Sonalium, it’s a jungle walk of 3 km only and one can easily reach the base of a mighty waterfall.


  • The Third option – Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek


Dudhsagar Goa

Dudhsagar View from Track

Dudhsagar Trek Banned

A trek on tracks to reach the middle tier (i.e. railway bridge) is recently banned by RPF. No one is allowed to walk on the Dudhsagar bridge-cum-railway track. There is a fine of Rs. 1000 per person or 6 months jail or both u/s 147 for defaulters. Before the ban, Trekkers used to alight at Dudhsagar station and walk for 1 km till that bridge using railway track as it consumes less time and more importantly one gets the closest view. However, this option is not recommended at all.

Dudhsagar Goa

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