Sadhana Misal

Nasik is the city of grapes and now known as the Wine Capital. But do you know that it is also famous for Misal. As you read the blog you will get to know what I found special while exploring Nasik city.I have been to Nasik many times before, but this time. I entered as an explorer, traveller and more importantly with the blogger’s mindset. Foodie in me was craving for the ( chulivarchi) Sadhana Misal in Nashik. Sadhana Misal Nashik Facebook page.

Sadhana Misal Pav Nashik

Sadhana Misal Pav Nashik

Heading to Sadhana Misal, Nasik

I boarded the Tapovan Express from Thane (Mumbai) before 7 AM. And,  got down at Nasik road station at 10:30 AM. Booked Ola auto ride to reach my relative’s place. Freshen up quickly, took out cousin’s car from parking and I was on roads of Nasik. Most of the roads are broad & covered by old trees. I was surprised to know that there are beautiful jogging tracks beside roads of the main city area. Using GPS, I reached the destination. It was on the Gangapur road before Sula vineyard. There I saw this board.

Chulivarchi Sadhana Misal

Chulivarchi Sadhana Misal Nashik City

Drive to Sadhana Misal

As it’s in the outskirts of Nasik, I guessed it rightly that it must be a big farm. There was a plenty of space available for parking, though it was unimaginably crowded. Upon discussion with the Owner Tejas Amle, came to know that it’s a weekend rush. I was able to notice happy faces of the customer after enjoying the chulivarchi Sadhana Misal.

Parking Area

Parking Area of Sadhana Misal in Nashik

IMP Note

The famous Sadhana Misal Nasik is available only in the first half of the day till 2:30 PM. So plan your visit accordingly.

Dining Area

Dining Area

Vast Dining Area of Sadhana Misal

Then, we entered the huge dining area which was well designed with the village theme to create rustic ambience. We sat on coir beds and immediately ordered Chulivarchi Sadhana Misal. I was wondering if it tastes like any other typical Misal then all the efforts will be in vain. Within minutes, it was on our table. With the first bite, I was relived and happy, it really tasted amazing. There is no doubt, why people come from different places to satiate their taste buds. Moreover, I was awestruck to see the kitchen and it was actually cooked on ‘Chul’. Chul means a Stove which runs on wooden fire. It is said that wooden smoke flavor which makes it the best.

Rich dish

Rich dish

The Sadhana Misal Nashik Special

Misal is spicy vegetable legume Curry mixed with some farsan. It came with the two curries, onion & lemon in one bowl, large papad, two jumbo sized bread and very small supporting bowl of curd. I ate Misal with extra Curry and two more bread. Owners told me that they use their own masala to cook which makes it spicy & unique taste.

Though I ate more than my capacity, I ordered sweets, hot-n-crispy Jalebi and Lassi. Lassi was slightly sweet and moderately flavoured with gulkand . I thought they are just side dishes to increase revenue of the place. But I enjoyed both. At the end, I told my relative, I didn’t had food, had true experience of the Nasik Misal. True Indian foodie will really like the cuisine. Place is really a feather in the cap of Nasik city. More than 55 years, family is shaping the Misal dish for Nashikkars. Brimming crowd was the real love shown by people for the taste of Misal.

Village Theme at Sadhana Misal

Village Theme at Sadhana Misal Nashik

Sadhana Village Theme

With the full tummy, we wandered around. Warli painting, old village style huts, hay shacks and many swings on tree branches were a major attraction for all young mobile photographers. It was not just a restaurant but complete experience of Sadhana Village Nashik.

Selfie Point

Selfie Point at Sadhana Misal

The Selfie Point

There was a very beautiful selfie point which was looking like a mini Spain due to open umbrellas on tree branches. Apart from all these, they have started Bullock cart ride, camel ride and horse ride. All rides are fancy and were attracting children. Similar selfie points I saw during Pawna Lake Camping.

And then time came to say good bye to the outstanding place. Oh o, I missed to mention that before exit, we tried our hands on variety of scrumptious Paans (Beetle leaves wrapped around several mouth freshening ingredients like Indian Supari and many more).

Thandai Paan

Thandai Paan

Do visit and let me know your experience of Sadhana Misal in comment section. Also, let me know the best food joints in your areas so that I can visit if possible.

Written by Yogendra Patil
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