Ashoka Waterfall Rappelling

It was a month of July i.e. heavy rain around Mumbai. We decided to explore Waterfalls near Mumbai and Nashik. We planned for the beast – Vihigaon Waterfall near Kasara Ghat in Igatpuri region. It was also called as Ashoka waterfall, got the name after the shooting of famous movie Ashoka.

Ashoka Waterfall Information

  • Height – 120 ft
  • Best time to visit – Monsoon
  • Entry Fee – None
  • Waterfall Rappelling charges – (INR 1000 including food and transport)
  • Accessibility – Easy to access (Avoid during heavy rain)
Mumbai to Kasara by train

Mumbai to Kasara by train

How to reach Ashoka Waterfall

From Mumbai

It is 115 km from Mumbai. With the surrounding greenery, it is a more refreshing journey of 2 hours. I suggest you start early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

If you don’t have a personal vehicle. Catch the Kasara local train from Mumbai. Local taxis are available from Kasara to Vihigaon Village.


Nashik to Vihigaon Waterfall

It is just 60 km from Nashik city and thus a great weekend spot. Private vehicle is recommended else go to Kasara by and then take shared taxi.

A shared taxi will drop you on the main road and then you need to walk for 10-15 mins till the waterfall.


The Explorers

We (Ravi & I) started early morning from Mumbai. Took the Kasara train from Thane station. Within 2 hours we reached Kasara.

After looking for any state transport, we caught by local taxi people. And the offer was INR 1000 for private taxi till Ashoka waterfall and INR 100 for the shared taxi. Obviously, we preferred the second option. It was weekend and the shared taxi got full in no time.


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Road to Ashoka Waterfall

Road to Ashoka Waterfall

Ride to Ashoka Waterfall

It was jammed packed inside the taxi, almost 16 passengers excluding kids, 1 driver, 2 on the roof. On top that, everyone was carrying at least one bag. When we discussed this situation with the driver, he parked the car just before the Kasara Ghat for a tea break.

Initially, we were shocked to get the tea break just for 15 km drive. Then the driver told us that why private taxi option is better. However, we took advantage of it and enjoyed the scenery while sipping a hot cup of tea. Also, we had hot Wada Paav and Onion Pakoda as we got to know that there is no food available near the Waterfall.


Walking to the Heaven

After paying cash, we put everything in the waterproof bag as it was raining heavily. We saw few vehicles parked and smiled at each other. There are many other crazy people like us who also came early in the morning to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Ashoka Waterfall Rappelling

Ashoka Waterfall Rappelling

Ashoka Waterfall Rappelling

As soon as we reached, we saw one adventure freak rappelling down the Vihigaon waterfall. It was breath-taking scene.  Within 5 minutes, he rappelled down the gushing water. The organizing team were from Mumbai and rates were INR 1000 for the activity including transport and food.

Vihigaon Watterfall and Dam

Vihigaon Waterfall and Dam

Dam and Origin

We reached the top of a waterfall. We got to know that there is a small dam built to store or block some water. After that, there is a small waterfall which can be easily accessible. (Avoid in heavy rain and also avoid with the kids)

Explorers from Mumbai

Explorers from Mumbai

There was a small path to reach the base of Ashoka waterfall where one can enjoy in the natural pool. We walked down from the newly built steps and railings.

It is always better to avoid such risky places in heavy rain. We avoided as water started turning red and flow increased within minutes. Immediately, we kept our phones and cameras into the bag and just enjoyed the rain to the fullest.

Suddenly, few people came and asked everyone to come out as the waterfall took the wild mode.

Ashoka Waterfall front view

Ashoka Waterfall front view

Return Journey

After playing in the surrounding pool, we stroll around the village and also looked for the food. We were hungry but nothing was available. You hunger increases when you don’t have food. After saying goodbye to the Vihigaon waterfall, we came back to the main road to look for taxi. Desperately, we asked for every vehicle. We got the lift till Kasara. We ate at a stall near the Kasara station. As soon as we were back into the network, we started uploading Ashoka waterfall pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Yogendra Patil
Just an Indian Travel Blogger. I left my corporate job & IT business to explore locations and adventure activities. Now, my job is to travel to unique destinations. Sometimes I lead adventure trips of Small Steps Adventures. You can join SSA trips or you can virtually experience those tours through my Blogs. I am always ready to hear from you. Drop me a comment. Share your experiences. You can be in touch with me on Instagram @thewandereryogi.