Welcome to The Wanderer Yogi!

My name is Yogendra Patil (The Wanderer Yogi). Native is Jalgaon, north Maharashtra but born & brought up in Navi Mumbai. I learnt few basics of life while doing Computer Engineering. Got placed in Infosys, I worked at different locations across India for 2 years. Moving ahead in life, I pursued MBA in Finance. Before completion, I got an opportunity to work with a good company in Andheri. I worked hard and earned a lot. But, I was not happy with it. I quit and then decided to do business.

With an IT background, it was an easy option to start with the company ‘Right Click Info’, to provide IT services. While working, I started extensively exploring the forts around Mumbai. Majorly, trekking around Mumbai on weekend was great option for a break. This helped me & my close friends to form a community of travellers. Since my early collage days, I had started exploring, trekking and travelling; our community gained word of mouth. Ultimately, it resulted into formation of an adventure company – Small Steps Adventures. Due to an IT background, we were able to capture the online market easily and gained popularity among IT professionals due to our low cost & quality service.

Trust Factor

Great Feedback and demands from our customers pushed us (SSA) to achieve great heights. Then we realised that if you are doing a good job, people automatically join hands. Trust which we build unknowingly kept SSA on auto mode. People used to tell us that Small Steps is taking Big Steps Now. People were great fan of SSA. With that spirit, we took major decision and focused more on the experiences rather than just selling any tour. Every new trip that we used to line up on calendar, people used to pre book the seats.

The Inception

While working at SSA, I explored a lot in and around Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai. I have explored many states. Many bike trips and road trips across India are now a past.

One day, during my train journey for Dudhsagar trek, I was talking to myself; I just calculated the places that I have visited so far. While going into past, I was not able to recollect all the places due to my extensive travelling. That time I started recollecting slowly & noting down each and every footprint. List was huge. After few weeks, I started wondering and started sharing my experience about how I traveled to these places, sometimes about the problems that I faced. The same week, my friend was taking my interview for a “Mumbai Dairy” Magazine, I shared a lot of info on call and then she abruptly stopped me and said, “Why don’t you write all these things”?

Indian Travel Blogger

The Wanderer Yogi is my personal travel blog where I publish my unique travel experiences whenever I get time from my adventure world. Right now I am associated with Small Steps Adventures. Adventure Consultant, Explorer, Marketing and Corporate Team Outing are my core areas of working. Apart from this, I help local villagers enabling small businesses. We, the SSA team, educate them, build their confidence. I always take off-beat road, visit unknown places. Leisure tours are rarely on by bucket list.

If you have any queries that I haven’t answered on my blogs yet then you can mail me on thewandereryogi@gmail.com. Expect a delayed response from a traveller. For faster reply, Instagram and Facebook is preferable.


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